Quartet is a game in which you create a series of interlinked stories. Quartet is about creating gaps and filling gaps. Quartet is about changing styles, yet ultimately creating a single style out of the four components. Quartet is about using pre-existing prompts, thus giving up your “originality,” yet finally fabricating a story that is quite original. Quartet is about collaboration, asking the question: what distinguishes a single author from a collective one?

QUARTET 1.0.1 FOR android/carDboard

Download initial prototype version (0.1) here
Download 2nd release (0.2) here
Download 3rd release (1.0) here


Download ZIP version for PC/Rift


* note that the Mac version has not been tested at this end


* to install, download the above .ipa file and copy it to your iPhone or iPad via iTunes (drag and drop to your device within the iTunes interface when it’s plugged in). Note that the iOS version does not currently support VR. Please email studio@dreamingmethods.com with any issues.

Footage from Scenario Four 

Scenario One – Set in Los Angeles
Two principal male characters and two females
One character has suffered identity theft and is dealing with the consequences.
He or she believes one of the other three is to blame, but also questions his or her own sanity. S/he sometimes imagines that suspected character in the form of a gargoyle or other fantastic beast. Thus, the story can easily go between realistic and supernatural modes, if you wish, but ultimately it is not a fantasy story. It is grounded in realism. At some point, one or more of the characters will go to a casino to try to win back the money character A has lost to identity theft, and something unexpected will happen there, changing the relationships among them.

Scenario Two – Set in the American South

This is a retelling of the myth of the Minotaur and Pasiphäe. A woman is bored by her marriage to a wealthy man. She has affairs and throws away money at the race track. She wins significant money on one bet and becomes obsessed with that horse, even aroused. She makes friends with the trainer by flirting with him and he gives her access to the horse. She does not have a carnal consummation with the horse. Rather, they begin to talk, and the horse gives her (bad and reckless) advice about what to do with her life and her marriage.

Scenario Three – Set in Mexico

A couple and a longtime friend go to the coast for a vacation of fishing and kayaking. A and B are the couple and C is the friend. B is tired after a night of drinking, so A and C go to fish together. Later in the day, C comes back alone, saying that B drowned and that s/he left the corpse in a cave. A is immediately suspicious, the more so because A has suspected that B and C were having an affair, though this cannot be proven.

Scenario Four Set in South Florida

The governor has declared a state of emergency due to an impending Category 4 hurricane. All inhabitants have been ordered to evacuate. The father of a family of four, who is an evangelical pastor, believes that this is the herald of the end of the world and he orders his family to stay put. The wife does not agree but the denomination to which they belong decrees a wife is subservient to the husband. The crisis tests the strength of their vows and their faith, and calls into question the pastor’s vision of the world. It is possible he has an ulterior motive not related to God.

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