We recently produced a video sequence to promote M1nk’s fantastic new single ‘The Far Side’ – which syncs up to footage from our latest PC and Virtual Reality experience Thanner Kuhai – ‘The Water Cave’. You can check the video out here. M1nk originally produced the soundtrack for WALLPAPER plus an extended edition for the VR version.

Our Water Cave project also recently made an appearance at FLUX this month – a progressive technology/club night event at the Broadway Theatre in Peterborough mixing live electronic music with a VR arcade. Feedback on the project was superb and we’ve made some key changes to the prototype in response. Being able to observe a wide range of reactions to the work was invaluable – and included insightful thoughts and observations from those completely new to VR.

Here are some images from the evening along with some of the comments we were kindly given by participants.

“The movement feels very unique, different to other VR experiences I’ve seen.” – Kieran

“This is one of the best ‘games’ I’ve ever played. It takes you into an adventure that you don’t want to finish!” – Alex

“Wow, I thoroughly enjoyed the experience! Going somewhere else to fly and then straight into swimming… Overall, I would love to play this game again!” – Claire

“Amazing. Really well executed. You should develop this into a full game.” – Maciek

“I really liked the visuals and being able to go into the water and see the fish, etc.” – Lisa

To find out more about ‘The Water Cave’ visit www.dreamingmethods.com/thanner-kuhai